BCHA Horse Fair Rescheduled to November 15

Timing is everything.  And what we’ve gathered from our community is that the fall would be better timing for the BCHA Horse Fair.   So we are postponing the event from Spring to late Fall, when we horse-lovers can kick off the Holiday Season with pizzazz!  We’ll still be at the Longmont Fairgrounds — we’re just moving the event to Sunday, November 15.  And you can bet we’ll have great equine and equestrian arts & crafts, products & services, educational seminars, food, and music.  We look forward to seeing you there.  

Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses! If you have suggestions or would like to help organize this fun event, please contact Laura Edwards at ljedwards@earthlink.net or 303-775-2601, or Jill Talbot at 303-818-7254.