Happy Trails — Volume III (13 Essays, 26 Trail Logs, and 1 Cautionary Tale)

Greetings. We’re now pleased to be able to post all of the original Happy Trails Volume III trail logs and essays on the website for your readin’ and ridin’ pleasure.

Most of the trail logs are still basically accurate because there haven’t been significant changes made to them in 30 years. However, some may have become out of date (for example, if additional land acquisitions or trails were added to a particular area) so they are being provided herein to give you an idea of where to ride, but the current conditions and logistics are up to you. Most of the essays are, sadly, still relevant because in spite of concerted trail advocacy not a lot has changed in the trail paradigm of Boulder County in 30 years. We will be updating trail logs and essays as time and changes dictate. Meanwhile, enjoy — and Happy Trails!

Suzanne Webel