Benefit Rides: Good Cause, Great Experience

by Laura Edwards

Have you heard about this Saturday’s Heritage Ride? This is Colorado Horse Council’s annual benefit ride and I’m writing to encourage you to check it out.  Benefit rides are a great opportunity to support a worthy cause or organization, meet new horse people, and challenge yourself and your horse.  If you can’t make it this weekend, I would urge you to commit to doing some kind of a benefit ride this year.  Grab some friends and have an adventure.  [read more]

I myself did my very first charity ride last month—the 3rd Annual Hope Held by a Horse benefit ride out at Prewitt Reservoir—and it was a wonderful learning adventure.

What’s challenging about a benefit ride?  Whatever is new and different.  If your horse is accustomed to riding out with lots of new horses, no problem.  But if not, you’ll have the chance to work together with him in a new situation—one that is positive and supportive—and that builds confidence.  Ever had your horse in the water for a swim?  We could have done that, too.  Lots of people did.  (Ok, so I didn’t get Gizmo all the way down into the water, but…next time!)

This weekend, the Colorado Horse Council has two venues where the Heritage Ride is happening.  Don’t miss it.  For more information or to register, click here.