Good News from Open Boulder regarding the North Trail Study Area

We did it! On Tuesday night the Boulder City Council voted 7-2 to approve the North Trail Study Area plan, including the incredible North Sky Trail. All the petitions, letters, meetings, hearings and discussions over the past year paid off. It will be several years before trail construction begins, but the city council vote was a key milestone towards realizing the long-dreamed-of Boulder-to-Lyons trail. We want to thank all of you personally for your efforts, as well as the organizations we partnered with, including the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, FIDOS, Boulder Trail Runners, Boulder County Horse Association, and Boulder Area Trails Coalition. There are a few of you who have been working to make this trail system a reality since the original acquisition of the first Joder property in 1991 – that’s a quarter of a century! So to all of you, from passionate newcomers to life-long Boulderites, thank you. There will still be obstacles to overcome as there will be more years of planning, permitting and analyses, to say nothing of the upcoming Visitor Master Plan revision, which will require Open Boulder’s continued attention. It is vitally important that we all remember some of the factors that led to our success: we worked together; were kind, courteous and professional; and presented a reasonable, united front. And we must remain respectful of those who disagree with us, even as we pause to celebrate our victory. Thanks again for your support of great trails and open space in Boulder! — Brady Robinson, Open Boulder Board Member