Book Review: Safe at Last: True Stories of Horse Rescues

by Elaine Pease
with photographs by Roxanne Capaul

Published by the Filter Press, LLC., 2015
Review by Sara Martinelli

This colorful children’s book written by Elaine Pease, with stunning photographs by Roxanne Capaul,  tells stories about some of the horses that have been rescued by the Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) in Longmont, Colorado.   The book tells six rescue stories and shares them in a meaningful, accessible way, giving children an opportunity to awaken their empathy and learn how people can make a difference in the lives of animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Without delving deeply into the sadness and terrible conditions of some abused or neglected animals, Ms. Pease relates how caring people have turned around the lives of these animals. Each horse in the stories has a unique personality, and makes the reader root for the story’s happy ending. These lessons of compassion provide young readers a glimpse of how important and meaningful it can be to get involved in animal rescue, adoption, and care. The stories teach that the lives of horses are valuable not only because of how the horse looks, or what the horse can do, but because they are living beings, each with a uniqueness and individuality.

Interspersed with these success stories, there are helpful facts and information about horse basics, making this a book that’s useful and educational.

Partial proceeds from this book benefit the Colorado Horse Rescue and will help the rescue continue their important work.   For more information, you can visit the Colorado Horse Rescue online at