BCHA and BATCO Sponsor New Trailbuilding Project at Heil Valley Ranch

by Suzanne Webel

By all rights, Oct 22 could have been snowy and cold, raining or worse. But not this year! It was a glorious day, sunny with temperatures higher than 86 degrees. Perfect conditions for building a new nice trail on the west side of Geer Canyon Drive that will connect the future trailhead at the old ranch headquarters with the existing trailhead facilities. Almost a dozen enthusiastic trail advocates whacked away at the rocks, soil and grass along a line of tiny pink flags with McLeods and pick mattoxes, turning a mere conceptual trail alignment into a real, recognizable trail in a matter of hours. We got off to a great start with coffee and bagels courtesy of BCHA, and ending with a nice lunch of sandwiches, soft drinks and beer courtesy of BATCO.

The trail will open in mid-2017, after several bridges are built across gullies and after the new trailhead is built. And then… we get to work on the new pedestrian/equestrian trail on the east side of the road. Definitely looking forward to that.

A hearty thanks to Boulder County Parks & Open Space for approving this trail complex and for coordinating the trail project. We hope to see more volunteers next year — it’s fun and rewarding!