BCHA Position Papers

Position Papers

As an advocate for equines and equestrians, BCHA has taken a stand on a number of issues related to horses and horse-keeping in Boulder County, providing the community with valuable information and statistics.

Trail Horses Do Not Spread Micro-Organisms such as Cryptosporidia and Giardia : Horses Don’t Pollute the Watershed – Position Paper, May 2008, updated April 2016

Horses Don’t Cause Excessive Physical Impacts to Trails & Equestrians Need Reasonable Horse Trailer Parking for Equitable Access to Public Lands – Position Paper, April 2011, updated January 2015

Info on Horses in Boulder County – Position Paper, April 2012

Trail Horses Do Not Threaten Wildlife – Position Paper, April 2011

Trail Horses Don’t Spread Noxious Weeds – Position Paper, May 2008