Happy Trails by Suzanne Webel


Happy Trails – Hermit Park / Moose Meadow Trail / Homestead Meadows

By Suzanne Webel Thank you, Larimer County, for Hermit Park!!! Goodbye, Lion Gulch, and good riddance. I have spent many hours over the past thirty years trying to find a better access to one of my favorite haunts: Homestead Meadows. And for 30 years I have been frustrated by the steep, rocky Lion Gulch Trail, […]

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Lagerman Photo

Happy Trails – Lagerman Agricultural Preserve

By Suzanne Webel It’s taken more than 25 years for Boulder County and the City of Boulder to cobble together a complex assemblage of nine properties comprising more than 2100 acres, now known as the Lagerman Agricultural Preserve – but it’s done. And the new trail system, comprising the existing 1.6 miles at Lagerman Reservoir […]

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Happy Trails – Rabbit Mountain Open Space

By Suzanne Webel Prologue, written in October 2017. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time (again) learning about elk, this time in the context of Rabbit Mountain. In the past few years a growing herd of elk has decided that Rabbit Mountain is a great place to hang out. In spite of Boulder County Parks […]

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Happy Trails – Picket Wire Canyon

By Suzanne Webel This trail had been on my bucket list, for just about ever. It was reported to be enormous and gorgeous, with dinosaur tracks, prehistoric rock art, a Spanish Mission, and a historic ranch….. But it was always a bit too far, too remote, and too … well, just too unknowable. And then […]

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HT I - pi C

Happy Trails – Volume I (9 Essays and 15 Trail Logs)

Greetings. We’re now pleased to be able to post all of the original Happy Trails Volume I trail logs and essays on the website for your readin’ and ridin’ pleasure. Most of the trail logs are still basically accurate because there haven’t been significant changes made to them in 30 years. However, some may have […]

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Happy Trails – Caribou Ranch Open Space

By Suzanne Webel   Sometimes I wondered if I’d EVER be writing those words as the title of a trail log….. but yes, it has finally happened. Caribou Ranch is open to the public, so go – enjoy! … and, folks, it is a showcase of current public land management thinking with regard to trail […]

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