Boulder seeks your input on next Open Space Director

The City of Boulder today announced that it will hold two community meetings to gather public input as part of a national search for its director of Open Space and Mountain Parks. “A key priority in this search is to better understand what our community perceives to be the key issues facing Open Space and […]

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Joder Arabian Ranch: Update

Last month more than 35 people spoke at the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) meeting, with 29 speakers in favor of trail access to horses at the Joder Arabian Ranch along with parking (this was a huge response). Even more incredible was that the OSBT and City Council received more than 350 e-mails on […]

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image of Joder Trail in Boulder, CO Colorado

Joder Ranch Update 2015

Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Joe

Nope, It’s Still Not Over!

In December more than 35 people spoke at the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) meeting, with 29 speakers in favor of keeping horses on the Joder Ranch, with trails and parking. That is absolutely HUGE!!! Even more incredibly, the OSBT and City Council received more than 350 emails on this topic… that is completely unprecedented, and it shows the amazing level of support for equestrian access and the horse community’s personal involvement with the Joder Ranch.

Congratulations and thanks! You guys have been doing great!

Alas, it’s still not over. The OSBT kicked the can into January… and just today we learned that staff has kicked the can again, into February. After that comes the North Trail Study Area process, which they have promised will be completed in 2015.

So that means you will have several more opportunities to provide input, even if you already have.   Keep up the pressure, horse people!

We urge you to come to the next meeting of the Open Space Board of Trustees and speak under “Public Participation Items Not on the Agenda” or on “Joder Ranch,” if they put it on the agenda, and/or under “North TSA:”

Weds. February 18, 2015
Boulder City Council Chambers (Municipal Building)
Broadway & Canyon

It doesn’t have to be perfect, or eloquent, or creative. If you just want to say you support horses and trails on Joder Ranch and the North Trail Study Area, that’s okay. Or you can just say that you support BCHA’s position, which is for a loop trail, horse trailer parking, and regional trail connections. Or you can elaborate on the history of the ranch and Bob & Eloise’s commitment to having it be open to horses and trails. But if you don’t say anything, they won’t know which side you’re on.

Be polite but firm. Do not — ever — put down any other user group.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, click here to send a personal email to the Boulder City Council and Open Space Board of Trustees. Please write a short paragraph about your interest in the ranch, the Joder family, horses in general and access to our public lands. Send your email ASAP to give the OSBT members time to read it thoughtfully before the meeting.

Every person who communicates is a “vote” for horses in Boulder.

For more information about this item, please review our earlier Constant Contacts or posts on this site, or contact us at

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Boulder City Open Space & Mountain Parks: West Trail Study Area

by Suzanne Webel The City of Boulder has just completed its West Trail Study Area process, having convened a new group of stakeholders to determine the fate of existing trails, future trails, and off-trail use of this very large area. Popular trails in the block include the Mesa Trail, South Boulder Creek Trail, Shanahan Ridge, […]

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Boulder County Regional Trails

by Suzanne Webel We hope that now the Feeder Canal Trail is dead, Boulder County will redouble its efforts and resources to build other long-sought regional trails, especially along old railroad grades such as 1) the one west of Highway 36, 2) the one from Boulder to Erie, 3) the one from Longmont to Lyons, […]

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BCHA Adopts the Switzerland Trail at Caribou Ranch!

“Our” trail is officially called the Delonde Trail, named after one of the families that homesteaded the area in the 1800’s and whose classic wood house still stands today in a meadow at Caribou, in mute tribute to their hard work making a living from this high mountain valley. Our initial commitment lasts two years, […]

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Proposed Mountain Bike Trail from Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch

Eldorado Canyon State Park in conjunction with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) is currently exploring the possibility of a mountain bike trail that would connect Eldorado Canyon with the Walker Ranch trail. Yes, you read that correctly — a “mountain bike trail” — not necessarily a shared-use trail, or a multiple-use trail, but possibly a mountain […]

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The Feeder Canal Trail Bites the Dust

by Suzanne Webel After more than 30 years (!) of hearing all the pros and cons, in September 2009 the Board of County Commissioners finally gave up on a proposed multi-use trail along the Boulder Creek Feeder Supply Canal. For some, this trail would have provided a continuous off-road link between Boulder and Lyons, 13 […]

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Ride a Mile in My Boots

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, members of Boulder County’s Trail Stewardship teams – equestrians, mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners – experienced the trail from a different perspective. Participants spent part of the morning riding horses and mountain bikes, walking and running, on a trail at Joder Arabian Ranch, a 347-acre ranch located in North […]

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