BCHA has been incorporated since 1971 as a Colorado non-profit corporation. In 1998 we obtained our 501(c) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service, enabling contributions to the organization to be tax-deductible.  BCHA initiated a volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue unit, which subsequently came under the supervision of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department.

In 1986 BCHA adopted and built the Doudy Draw Trail near Eldorado Springs for the City of Boulder Open Space Department. We have participated in several National Trails Day projects, and our members are active in State and Federal trail-policy planning forums. We are an organizational member of the Boulder Area Trails Coalition and the Colorado Horse Council. BCHA has been deeply involved in working with Boulder County to formulate a set of horse-keeping guidelines in the Land Use Code which can accommodate the needs of most horse owners, yet enable the County to enforce reasonable regulations should the need arise. We are especially proud of our accomplishments in this arena, and we hope that BCHA will be recognized as a resource for horse-related expertise in the future.


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