Become a Member

Love horses? You can support the horse community in Boulder County by joining the organization that helps keep equestrians connected! Your tax-deductible annual membership comes with many benefits:

  • Free or discounted access to our clinics, events, and seminars
  • Exclusive participation discounts at the annual Fun Show
  • Access to our members-only on-line discussion forum and Trail Guide
  • Upgraded listing in our Service Directory (business members only)
  • Email notification of upcoming community events and volunteer opportunities
  • Legislative updates and action items
  • Admission to BCHA’s annual meeting/party
  • And lots more!

It’s easy to join BCHA! You can join online here or print the Membership Form here.

We offer several types of membership, depending on your situation:

  • $25 Individual
  • $35 Family
  • $10 Youth (18 and under)
  • $50 Business