Community Profiles – Tom and Kristin Lopez

Get Acquainted with Tom and Kristin Lopez, our 2010 Fling Hosts at Lone Hawk Farm By Pat Jarvis The setting for this year’s Horse Lovers’ Fling is classically romantic. We arrive at Lone Hawk Farm via a country road with views of the Front Range, an expansive 360 degree view of Potato Hill, and the […]

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Community Profile – Philip Armour

In Greek, the name Philip means “lover of horses”—fitting for the editor of a cowboy magazine. Since hiring on with American Cowboy in 2009, he has led the magazine and website through successful redesigns that have broadened the appeal, while staying true to loyal readers. The magazine’s paid circulation now approaches 100,000. American Cowboy […]

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Ride a Mile in My Boots

On Sunday, June 14, 2009, members of Boulder County’s Trail Stewardship teams – equestrians, mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners – experienced the trail from a different perspective. Participants spent part of the morning riding horses and mountain bikes, walking and running, on a trail at Joder Arabian Ranch, a 347-acre ranch located in North […]

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Trail Page Archive #2

Boulder City Open Space & Mountain Parks: West Trail Study Area The City of Boulder has just completed its West Trail Study Area process, having convened a new group of stakeholders to determine the fate of existing trails, future trails, and off-trail use of this very large area. Popular trails in the block include the […]

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Trail Page Archive #1

Boulder County Parks and Open Space With more than 100,000 acres under its belt, BCPOS has some of the most equestrian-friendly trails in the County, including Rabbit Mountain, Walker Ranch, Hall Ranch, Heil Valley Ranch, Betasso/Benjamin Preserve, Rock Creek Farm, Mayhoffer/Singletree,and Caribou Ranch.  And Boulder County Parks & Open Space knows how to build beautiful, […]

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