2019 Board of Directors

The Boulder County Horsemen’s Association was established as a Colorado non-profit corporation in 1971. The organization obtained its 501(c )3 status in 1988. In 2001, it changed its name to Boulder County Horse Association. The Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the Association’s Annual Meeting in February. Officers are elected at the BCHA Annual Board meeting typically held in February of each year.

We welcome you to attend our monthly board meetings typically held once per month on a Tuesday evening in Boulder. If you are interested please send us an e-mail for location.

Tamar V.S. McKee, PhD, President

Tamar was bucked off a horse before she was born. She birthed just fine and went on to grow up, leave and return to Boulder County because “Chief Niwot’s curse” for her was especially powerful when it came to horses and family. As a girl she traversed bridle paths and trails throughout south Boulder on family-bred Appendix Quarter Horses, once attempting Dressage on a beloved retired racehorse at Joder Ranch. Summers of riding, barrel racing, rodeoing, and racing in Colorado and surrounding states gave way to an academic career in cultural anthropology and museum curation, culminating in a PhD from UBC-Vancouver with a dissertation focus on human-horse relationships in the after-care world of Thoroughbred racing in Bluegrass Kentucky.

After teaching at various universities in the Vancouver, B.C. area, Dr. McKee returned to Boulder County in 2017 where she currently runs Khala & Company, a business that hand-manufactures “zero waste provisions” to help solve plastic and food waste. She runs Khala with her husband, Asa, and is mother to two kids who ask everyday if they can get a pony. When she can, she steals off to see her other love: a 10 year old Foxtrot gelding who looks like he could be in Hollywood..

Linda Parks, Vice President

Linda holds a BFA in Advertising Design, she began her career in graphic design at a New York advertising agency. She moved to Boulder in the early 90s and continues to work in design and metal arts. “I think I was in love with horses since birth. As I pounded the pavement in New York City for years, I never thought I would ever own my own horse—let alone a second, and it wasn’t until two woman who came into my life, Dee Lover and Janet Bradley, convinced me I could!” I hope I can give back to the horse community here in Boulder County through my time serving our members. She enjoys trail riding and camping with other horse lovers!

Carmen Porter, Secretary

Carmen’s bio coming soon.

Laura Edwards, Treasurer

Laura Edwards, a fee-only financial planner, and has been active in Boulder County’s horse community since 2011. A past BCHA vice-president, she hopes to combine her passion for all things horse with her talent for bringing together diverse groups of people in a common cause. “We’re incredibly lucky to have so many different kinds of horse activities going on right here in Boulder County,” says Laura. “And yet with rising costs and increasing development, it’s more challenging than ever. Most people want to maintain horses as a way of life in Boulder, but for that to happen the horse community needs to stick together.” She believes BCHA can help unify the horse community by focusing on the issues that all equestrians face, whether “you’re an endurance rider, a barrel racer, a cattle worker, dressage expert, whatever.”  Laura herself loves nothing more than a good trail ride.

BCHA Past Presidents

Our current Board would like to thank all those that have volunteered to serve and promote our mission to protect and unify the equestrian community of Boulder County through education, recreation and legislation.

1971-1972     Judith Lilly
1972 -1973    David Varra
1973 -1974    Judith Lilly
1974-1975     Pip Wales
1975-1976     Cathy Bickell
1977-1978     Sue Carter
1979-1980    Tom Hoselton
1980-1981     Nancy Gonacha
1981-1982     Shirley Hyden
1982-1983     Cathy Bickell
1983-1984     Judd Adams
1984-1985     Jill Talbot
1986-1987     Bruce Rice
1987-1988     Ben Lobue
1989-1990     Randy Winter
1991-1994     Creighton Stewart

1995-1996     Carol Hellwig
1997-1998     Tracy Speich
1999-2002     Suzanne Webel
2003-2004     Hildy Armour
2005-2006     Suzanne Webel
2007-2008     Jacquelene Lee
2008-2009     Sandi Rosewell
2009-partial    Linda Hall-Taylor
2010-2012     Dirk Arnold
2012-2015     Suzanne Webel
2015-2016     Laura Edwards
2016-2017     Sara Martinelli
2018-2019    Carmen Porter