Achievement Award

Boulder County Horse Association (BCHA) Achievement Award

The BCHA Achievement Award was established in 1991 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Boulder County Horse Association—it was designed to reflect our mission, honor our community and membership. The award is presented once per year to the individual or group who has given exceptional amounts of their expertise, time, financial, or other contributions to the Boulder County horse community, without remuneration.

Nominate an Exceptional Person

If you know someone who has done exceptional work in the Boulder County community, and feel that they should be considered for the Boulder County Horse Association’s  Achievement Award please send us an email us.

Past Recipients:

1991  Ken Crooks / 1992  Joanna Sampson / 1994 David Varra / 1995 Cathy Bickell / 1997 Creighton Stewart, Judy Cameron / 1998  Suzanne Webel, Eloise Joder / 1999 Marty Marten, Tracy Speich / 1999  Board of County Commissioners Special Award (for Land Use Code Horsekeeping regulations) / 2000  Nancy Loving / 2001 Jay Hearst  (for support of Colorado Horse Rescue) / 2002  Pat Jarvis, Bob Joder / 2003  Mary Midkiff / 2004  Amy Bowman, Jody Marken / 2005  Hildy Armour / 2006  Barb Haaland-Michaels, Laurie Prindle, Sidney Shinedling/  2007  Terri Snyder / 2008  Caroline Roy / 2009  Will Toor (Boulder County Commissioner) / 2010   Peter Bakwin (BATCO support), Rex Walker / 2011  Bill Scebbi (Colorado Horse Council) / 2012 Jill Talbot, Jack Gathright / 2013  Sheila Ranegar / 2014 Suzanne Webel ( Lifetime Achievement Award) / 2016 Carmen Porter / 2017 Colorado Horse Rescue / 2018 Michelle Sander, The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary